Phone Scams

On this page we list some phone scams reported to us. In many cases if you take a key phrase from a phone conversation and it enter into Google, you will find many similar or identical examples listed often going back over many years.

I had a call yesterday from a publication saying that I had booked for an advert and web connection in June – I had no recollection, and more importantly no record of the telephone call they claim to have made. They wanted my card number to pay for this ‘advert’. I refused to give them the number and asked for an invoice, which they said they only send AFTER payment! I asked them to send it and I would pay by cheque – they do not accept cheques. I had had no confirmation of this advert, although they have now sent an email, but with no address or invoice given. I had one other phone call from them yesterday, which I did not answer (I knew who was ringing) and have not replied to the email. This morning I had another call for a newspaper advert that I was supposed to have agreed to last Friday and my card payment had been refused. When I started questioning and refuting their claim because I did not have a record of the telephone call, they hung up. These people say that they have permission to get the details from the web site, and of course they have all the details that they require – name, address etc and sound very plausible.

One of our members had a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft advising him that he had virus on him computer and offering to resolve the problem. There were three separate calls and the first one sounded very plausible. However, our member was suspicious and did not co-operate and threatened the callers with the police. If these callers gain your trust, they attempt to steal from you, demand payment for assistance and may actually load viruses onto your computer. This is a well known scam and there was a recent article in the Guardian. Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to users helping to fix computer problems.Further details from Microsoft .


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