Fire Risk Assessment

fireYou are obliged to do a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises if you are a business.

The purpose of doing a fire risk assessment is to reduce risk  of fires, to focus on precautions and preventative measures and so to minimize damage and injury if a fire does start.  The process of completing a Fire Risk Assessment form makes the owner/manager focus on the possible problems.  You can do it yourself, or pay someone else. If someone else does it, they will not actually take the responsibility  for what they have written but will just fill in forms that you have to check and sign.  It probably isn’t worth paying for this to be done by others  unless they also carry the insurance liability for what they have written.  Hence it makes sense to do it yourself, rather than pay someone else, and you will learn in the process.

You need to do this annually so do it very carefully the first time. Store the form  on your computer  and next year simply update.

In layman’s terms you ask yourselves these questions

What are the specific fire dangers in this room?
List them all; gas, oil, electrics, cookers, tumble driers, wood burner, candles and other live flames, asbestos etc.
What have I done to prevent these things being  dangerous /make them less dangerous (mitigation and prevention)? 
Servicing, Pat testing, fireguards, fire retardant textiles, fire doors, extinguishers, fire blankets, sprinklers, heat cut-outs, smoke and heat alarms, escape lights , fire escape,  list them all.
Who is at Risk?
Owners , staff, guests….. (neighbours?)
In the event of fire what controls and escapes are there( from each room)
Alarms, fire doors, fire escapes, ordinary doors to…, ordinary windows to…hazards in the way (locks, trips and slips, blockages)

Bear in mind  in writing  the form up that you must state the blindingly obvious. If there was a fire and someone was hurt or killed this form would form part of your court defence against charges of manslaughter. You would want to say every last thing to prove that “I am really sorry this happened but it wasn’t my fault as I did all of this listed stuff to keep everyone safe”

You can download the forms free of charge ( don’t pay companies that charge for a download of a blank form!)

Read this useful  guidance first:

Here is a step by step guidance

These case studies may be useful

Read what Gloucester Fire Service has to say and download forms on

For businesses in Wales:

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